Hi - I'm Valerie, and I'm the Clever Cat.  

We're at our best when we do things we're good at.  Those are also often the things we most love doing.

Entrepreneurs who love what they do and are ready to whip their back office systems into shape and focus on their big picture, are the very ones I love to assist.

Believe it or not, my passion is mastering tools and systems, creating workflows and automations, and keeping your business running smoothly.  

While you're out doing what you love - growing your business, serving your clients, and changing the world - I'll be in your back office, geeking out over apps, tools, and SOPs, and making your processes ever more efficient.

Boring for many. Fun for me (nerd alert!).

I've got a quick mind, a knack for self-education, 20+ years experience assisting movers and shakers like you, and a commitment to excellence.  

I'd love to use them to help you succeed. 

If this sounds like something you can appreciate. . .

Valerie Tate
Founder at A Clever Cat

Looking for more?  Here are some of my core beliefs.

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